Before going to any place for study should know the study system of that place. Otherwise, you will face problem. UK is one o f the best place in the world to study. There quality of education is very high. So if you decide to go UK then first know the education system of them properly. Here is Ganesha Overseas to provide you the proper knowledge about Education System in UK.

All over the UK there are five stages of education. These are early years, primary, secondary, further education, and higher education. In UK education is compulsory for all the students. Early stage of education starts at age four. This consists of 15 hours class for 38 weeks of the year. This early stage of educations is provided in the state nursery schools and primary schools. The primary stage is consists of three age ranges. These are, nursery level which consist fewer than 5 years age students, Infant level which consists under 5 to 7 or8 years old students and lastly the junior level which consist of 11 or 12 years old students. This category varies state to state. The major goals of this primary education are to provide basis numeracy and literacy efficiency among students. The main subjects are consists of mathematics, science and other subjects. This level of education is also varies from state to state. Like the education authority of North Ireland provide four year secondary schools but in Wales this level consists of three years.

Higher education is the highest level of education system in UK. This is defined as courses that are higher than GCE A level, the higher Grade of SCE/National Qualification, the Ed-excel (formerly BTEC), GNVQ/NVQ level or SQA National Certificate/Diploma. There are three steps of higher education system they are: Post graduate courses: this lead to the higher degrees, diplomas and certificates. This includes Doctors, Masters (research and taught), Postgraduate diplomas and certificates and post graduate certificates of education and also professional qualifications. Undergraduate degree includes first degrees with honors and ordinary. This level can be done with diploma in medicine, veterinary medicine, dentistry etc. another level is other undergraduate courses. This level includes all the higher education courses like, SVQ or NVQ: Level 5, Diploma (HNC/D level for diploma and degree holders), HNC (or equivalent), HND (or Equivalent and SVQ or NVQ: level 4 and Diplomas in Higher education.

You will need visa wherever you go in abroad. To study in other country you will need student visa. To study in UK you have to apply for a Tier 4 (General) student visa. If your age is more than 16 then you have been recommended for a place on a course. You will have the ability to speak, read, and write in English properly. Enough money to support your tuition fees is mandatory. In some situation this may vary. If you are not from the European Economic Area or Switzerland then you have to meet up those requirements above.