Ganesha Overseas have rich experience and certified counselors to guide students for their admission application process. Student who is interested to apply for student visa of Australia has to keep few things in mind before applying for visa. We have mentioned brief Australia Student Visa Guidelines below for students.

Course selection is the first step for the students interested for studying in Australia. Select the course according to your previous academic profile & career interest. Australian Education System has been divided into different levels from Certificate course to Masters Level. International Student can opt following options for their further education:

For 12th Pass Student
  • Diploma to Degree (IELTS- 5.5/5.0)- 1+2or3= 3or4 year, VISA Subclass- 573
  • Advanced Diploma (IELTS- 5.5/5.0)- 2 year, VISA Subclass- 572
  • Bachelor Degree (IELTS- 6.0/6.0)- 3or4 year, VISA Subclass- 573
  • ELLICOS to Bachelor Degree (IELTS- 5.5/5.0)- 5-20 Weeks+3or4 year, VISA Subclass- 573

NOTE- The Duration of Bachelor Degree in Business, IT, HM course is 3 year and 4 year for all technical courses

For Graduation/Master Pass student
  • Master Degree (IELTS 6.5/6.0)- 2 year, VISA Subclass- 573Graduate
  • Diploma to Master Degree (IELTS 6.0/5.5)- 1+1=2 year, VISA Subclass- 573
  • ELLICOS to Master Degree (IELTS 6.0/5.5)- 5 weeks to 20 Weeks + 2 year, VISA Subclass- 573

Selection of education provider is also most critical decision for most of international students. Before deciding Education provider's students must check their ranking, student's feedback and courses contents they offer. Australian Education Providers are divided in two groups (SVP and Non SVP/ General) by Australian Immigration department.

  • Streamlined Student Visa Processing (SVP) Under the streamlined student visa processing arrangements, eligible student visa applicants are not assigned an assessment level. If you are eligible for streamlined visa processing you will generally have reduced evidentiary requirements. Click the below link for SVP Providers. See: Eligible Education Providers and Educational Business Partners
  • Non- Streamlined Student Visa Processing / General Under the Non-streamlined student visa processing arrangements, eligible student visa applicants are assigned an assessment level 2 to 3. If you are not eligible for streamlined visa processing you will need to provide more evidentiary proof during your visa process.

Student will need to prepare all the documentation to send with your application. The documentation is depends on the course, provider and qualification you are studying for.

List of the most important documents include
  • Work Experience documents if you have worked anywhere
  • Travel document (Passport)
  • Other documents according to University requirement ( like Statement of Purpose, Resume, Letter of Recommendation)

After successful admissions student receive an Offer Letter. An offer Letter contain following information like course start date & end date, duration of course, total fee for whole duration with individual installment, Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) and first installment for COE.

After receiving your offer letter read all the term and condition including the refund policy. Then sign your offer letter and acceptance.

Australian Institutes and High commission both are very much specific about the financial stability of Student's family. Most of student usually faces lot of difficulty in this area because lack of knowledge and guidance. We have mentioned here brief of the documents required for Australian student Visa.

Family annual Income documents

Student has to submit Annual income proof to Australian High commission to show his family financial potential. Student has to show/submit different documents as per their family income. We have tried to explain all documents required as per different income categories.

Duration Living Cost Approx. Tuition Fee Total Amount Show in AUD
1 Year 15000 ( 1250 AUD per Month) 18000 33000 – 35000
If Parents/Sponsor is Businessman
  • Individual Income tax returns of last 3 years.
  • Business Income tax returns with balance sheet of last 3 years if any.
  • Business Registration Certificate.
  • Bank Account statements of Business if any.
If Parents/Sponsor is Government Employee
  • Individual Income tax returns or Form 16 of last 3 years.
  • Government Identity proof.
  • Salary Slips issued by Government department.
  • Bank Account statement showing salary of last 6 month at least.
If Parents/Sponsor is Agriculturist
  • Agriculture income proof issued from Government Authority.
  • Agriculture land ownership proof
  • Crop Sale/Purchase bills (J forms).

Student has to submit funds or liquid money maintained their one year of stay in bank or any financial institutions to prove the financial capacity.

We have mentioned here an example of calculations done by us to calculate the funds required by a student for Australia. For more updated information student could visit Australia High Commission website.

Expenses Per Person Amount required in AUD$
Travel Yourself 2000
Family members 2000 per family member
Tuition Yourself 20000 Approx.
Children aged 5-18 8000
Living Yourself 18610
Partner 6515
First child 3720
Each additional child 2790

Student could show following documents to show their financial capability:

  • 3 months old Bank statement with Balance Certificate.
  • 3 month old Fixed Deposit Balance Certificate.
  • Fresh funds can also acceptable with source of funds
  • If agriculturist j Form can be used as source of Funds
  • GPF statement
  • GPF Letter from department which shows %age use for higher study
  • Post Office Savings
  • Education Loan

NOTE: Student could check the list of financial institutions/organizations may meet the definition of 'financial institution' in the Regulations for the purpose of student visa applications.

Eligible Sponsors

Anyone can Sponsor but he/she should be in direct relation. Australian education provider and High commission both are required showing relationship proof with his sponsors.

List of the Sponsors

  • Parents
  • Brother/Sister
  • Grand Parents
  • Uncle/Aunt

After completing all the requirement of the University for Admissionstudent have to deposit your Tuition Fee and Overseas Student Health Cover according to your offer letter.

After depositing your tuition fee student will receive your Electronic Confirmation Of enrollment from your university which you have to require to lodge your student visa application in Australian High Commission.

After completing all the formalities lodged your Student Visa Application under Australian High Commission. And wait for your decision. The decision to grant or refuse your visa application may be decided on the information, Interview and documentation that you include at the time of lodgement.

After completing all the formalities lodged your Student Visa Application under Australian High Commission. And wait for your decision. The decision to grant or refuse your visa application may be decided on the information, Interview and documentation that you include at the time of lodgement. dt