New Zealand Qualification Authority (NZQA) assures the standard of education delivered by Institutes of technology and polytechnics and private training establishments through the approval of programmes, training schemes and qualifications and a regular system of external evaluation and review. In addition, private training establishments enrolling international students must be registered with NZQA.

You can study for either academic or more practically focused qualifications, gaining everything from entry-level certificates to diplomas, degrees and doctorates. What's more, these institutes are located nationwide, so you can study just about anywhere you like.

Here we have provided an overview of qualifications offered by New Zealand, which includes level of educations, duration of different levels and IELTS requirements for International students. The NZQF has 10 levels, which are based on difficulty, with initial level 1 the easiest and top level 10 the highest level. But students who are looking for student visa from India usually opt for Level 5 or above.

Course Levels Admission Requirement Duration IELTS
Diploma 5 Senior Secondary or Any professional diploma 1-2 Year 5.5 (Not less than 5 in each)
Diploma 6 Senior Secondary or Any professional diploma 2 Year (After +2) 6.0 (Not less than 5.5 in each)
Graduate Diploma and
Certificate / Bachelor's Degree
7 Diploma or Bachelors 1 – 3 Years 6.0 (Not less than 5.5 in each)
Post-Graduate Diploma and
certificates, Bachelors Honors Degree
8 Bachelors Degree 1 Year 6.5(Not less than 6.0 in each)
Master's Degree 9 Bachelors Degree 1.5-2 Year 6.5(Not less than 6.0 in each)
Research 10 Masters Degree 2-4 Years 7.0(Not less than 6.5 in each)

Whatever higher education you're looking for, you'll find it in New Zealand. NZ has 8 Universities, 18 Polytechnics and Institutes of Technology, around more than 600 Private Training Institutions, 27 English Language Schools and around 20 Industry Training Organizations. Ganesha Overseas provides assistance for admission in all Universities and Colleges across the New Zealand. Here is the list of Institutes mentioned below for your reference.

NZQA nominates education provider as a category by two Highly Confident judgments, or a Highly Confident judgment for educational performance and a Highly Confident/Confident judgment for self-assessment capability. International student requires to choose category one education provider for their better visa chance. Student can check category of Education provider from link given below: