New Zealand colleges and universities are known as prominent qualification providers and hold a reputation around the world for being pragmatic, and up to date with its international curriculum. All courses, programs and qualifications offered by New Zealand institutions are quality assured by the New Zealand government. Major employers around the world recognize New Zealand qualifications and consider graduates as highly suitable to the various industries' work environment.

Cost of living is always taken into account while choosing a foreign education provider where New Zealand has lower cost of living as compared to countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom. New Zealand, being one of the most economical places, catches the eyes of those who are looking to study abroad.

New Zealand offers very affordable tuition fee ranging from 15000 to 20000 NZD as compared to many other countries around the world. A low tuition fee along with a low cost of living represents a good value of your money.

New Zealand also attracts students with it Fresh Funds transfer scheme where students with fresh funds from a genuine source can apply under FTS. Under FTS Students are required to have up to NZ $15,000 for each calendar year that they are studying in NZ.

New Zealand has a long history of teaching international students and New Zealand institutions are sensitive to the needs of overseas students. The "International Office" in tertiary institutions provides a high quality support service to help you adjust to your new environment and successfully complete your studies.

Every student with a student visa gets an opportunity to work up to 20 hours per week during semester and full time during vacations i.e. 40 hours. Many New Zealand institutions offer a student employment service called 'Student Job Search' to help you find work

If you have completed your qualification(s) in New Zealand:

a) If you do not have a job offer then you may be eligible* for a post study work visa of 12 months. Then you can apply further for up to two or three years under 'Study to Work Category'.

b) If you have an offer of employment relevant to your qualification during study, you may be eligible* for a work visa of two or three year.

*According to New Zealand immigration guidelines

New Zealand also offers spouse visas to students who opt higher level of education like Level - 8 (Postgraduate Diplomas) and Level- 9 (Master Degree).