Before going to Ireland you should know about the education system of them properly. Ireland has huge demand among the international students. Most of the students in these days want to go abroad to study in Ireland and settle there. Knowing the proper education system is very important. If you don't know what will be the perfect choice to study there you will not be able to make your study life proper. And if your study life get hampered your career will get ruined. Here is Chetanya education Consultants to provide you the proper guidance about the education system of Ireland.

Study in Ireland is one of the common desires among the students. Ireland has a long rich history in education. In the Middle Ages Ireland were the main education sectors to the western world. The responsibility of the total education system lies on Minister of Education, who is a legal member of Irish Government. The minimal level education starts from the age of six. This is the primary level of education. Though some students starts their education from four years old. Primary schools are not public schools. The present primary school education curriculum starts in 1971. This curriculum is based on child centered rather than the subject centered. Some main subjects thought in school are Irish Mathematics, English, arts & Crafts, social & Environmental study.

In the Ireland there are more than 800 schools in Ireland. Among them 80 of them are boarding. All the schools follow the syllabi and the curricula which are fixed by the Ministry of Education. Examinations are marked and set centrally by the ministry. There are three kinds of second level school. These are different on the basis of sources of funding and administration. The third level of education system has comprised of the technical, the university sector and the technological colleges. All these are funded by the State. There is also a lot of number of independent private colleges. These private colleges mainly provide business related courses, degrees and diplomas. Some names of Ireland Universities are Trinity College, Dublin City University National University and the University of Limerick. In these universities you will get huge options to choose your subjects for degrees, Masters and doctorate. A range of undergraduate and post graduate diplomas is also provided. The education system is based on the British education programe. This system set the graduation program three years long. Master's degree is normally taken by the research work or the coursework or sometimes both combinations. Doctoral degrees are awarded on the basis of research.

Like the most other countries, if you want to go to Ireland to study you will need visa. Some countries' citizen of any non-EU countries will not need any visa to study. The student immigration process is divided into two categories. This process is depending on whether someone is applying for the degree programe offered by any higher education institution or you are applying for non-degree courses. Make your papers and documents ready properly to get your visa easily.